Sildiarhiiv: decrease

The easiest way for sssp

Have you ever been in trouble with making sssp? I’ve been. And when a woman is in trouble she will find simple solution, especially when the problem (sssp) is on your latest pattern.

So here it is – the easiest way to make sssp. (What is sssp? It’s a purl-wise decrease through the back loop.)

So, you have reached to the 3 sts you have to use for sssp. Now you need a extra needle (or tooth pick :D).

Take the third needle (cable needle or DPN) and slip 1 knit-wise,

slip next knit-wise

and slip third knit-wise.

Now you have 3 sts on the 3rd needle.

Now turn the needle with the 3 slipped sts 180 degrees clockwise – your last slipped st is now in first place.

Now purl 3 sts together as you usually do.

Here is RS of the work after sssp.

Voila! Easy? Yes 😀